How We Operate

Design Annex is a coworking space established to serve the specific needs of small business owners, solo practitioners, and freelancers.

Design Annex Kitchenette - Collaborative Co-Working Space - Somerville

Coworking isn’t about renting a desk — it’s a growing international movement with common values. Design Annex aspires and expect those who work with us to share in these values.

  • Collaboration: Bringing together talented people with a variety of skills and knowledge is an opportunity for synergy and common benefit. Design Annex members work independently and when possible collaborate with one another.
  • Openness: We believe in transparency and openness. We share ideas so all may benefit.
  • Community: We thrive on connections and mutual support. We share ourselves and our expertise.
  • Accessibility: In order to be fully open, we strive to be accessible to all. This means that we endeavor to create both a financially and a physically accessible space.
  • Sustainability: Shared spaces are better for the planet, so we like to take that a little further and make certain our space is environmentally responsible.

Thanks to the contributions of Citizen Space, Independents Hall, Citizen Desk and The Werks.