Thanks to 2:20 speakers

Thanks to all who joined us for the first 2:20 event at Precinct on December 3.

No consensus was sought or achieved of course but overall the themes point to a sense of place — authentic, local, connected through relationships and beauty.

Our speakers on 12/3 were:

Shauna Gillies-Smith of Ground Inc
Joe Grafton of Somerville Local First
Dave Cajolet of Cajolet Design
Brandy Brooks
Jeff Beene of Nerve Action
Jim Moran of the Boston Neighborhoods Photography Project
Mimi Graney of Design Annex
Wendy Friedman and Jon O’Toole of Grand
Bhupech Patel of Design Tank

Folks had a good enough time for us to host another. Stay tuned for details. Will likely be held in late January or early February.

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